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Hello again!

We haven’t forgotten about you! Join us…


Bumparoni with veldspar for dinner :plate_with_cutlery:

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Bump! Hope all you Indian EVErs are getting in a lot of game time (&staying home and safe)

Sydney player here, and looking for a corp. I’ll drop into your public channel after work this arvo and say hi.

Hope you got on to someone - if not hopefully people will be around tonight… unfortunately RL has me running around after kids (they have terrible timing) so no EVE for me :unamused: but at least some people will be on

I keep meaning to have a chat as there are people in the channel but I keep getting distracted with a multitude of things!

Hope you got some help, there are quite a few people around at the minute (well not this particular minute, it’s DT - but I’d expect in the next half hour/hour someone will be available)
Edit: nvm, I see you’ve joined a corp more indy based WH corp - hope they’re a good fit for you, if not … well as wise men say, always have an Exit Strategy :grinning:

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Forever at the top :octopus:

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