Aviators Represent!

I’m curious to know how many of us here hail from the aviation industry.

I’m an aircraft mechanic with two and a half years line maintenance experience on a Boeing 767-300 (with GE CF6-80C2 engines). Maybe in the future when I have time and more money I’ll consider taking up flying lessons and become just a private pilot. :slight_smile:


Also line maintenance tech for over 14 years. Throughout my time have turned Boeing 787, 747, 777, 767, 757 and the Airbus 330. Mostly for customers.

Was last month in Iceland to open a new seasonal route so finally got to see the Eve monument:+1:


My grand-mother’s father applied for a patent and was granted a patent for an airplane design with a second man working with him before world war 1.
They sold the patent(s) to an airplane company which bought it and used it to implement planes.

QANTAS freight pilot, BAe 146-300QT and B767-300. I’ve also been known to fool around in these when i’m bored. I also have some back-seat experience in a MiG-15UTI. It’s possible I needed to change my underwear after that flight…

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