Awack looking for casual players. (New player Friendly)

Looking for new and experienced players. We have a home in a C3 hole and a HS home for new players to learn scanning, PVE, PVP roams and some industry before moving to our C3.
T1 ships ready for new players to use. Fairly small corp so and everyone is friendly and able to help with new players.
Search for Awack in corps or message me as ljheyden in game

Awack are recruiting for wormhole exploration (PVE, Roams ect) and new players to join either our C3 or HS home to learn basics. Ships supplied from HS home to get involved in some small Roams, mining and scanning.
No requirements, very casual and chilled smallish corp. Friendly people open to helping new players.

Get in touch in game (ljverheyden), or replay here

Welcome to WH space!

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Are you in a corp already?

Yes indeed! We always like to see newer WH corporation !

Merged your both Threads into one.

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