aWayWard Inc. - Need more bros to bring to the PVParty

aWayWard Inc. is recruiting! How fortuitous for you!
We are a null sec corp in a large sov alliance looking for more pilots.

Although primarily a PvP corp, we dabble in all aspects of null sec living.
Some neat ways we help you:
-Friendly bunch of bros and allegedly one gal to play with and hangout in discord!
-Great support system including ship replacement, get blown up on our dime!
-Corp buyback programs for all ores/ice/gas/salvage, make that isk!
-Join one of the many and frequent alliance fleets and END OUR ENEMIES EXISTENCE.
-We love Indy pilots! We have a CORP owned system with all the indy stuff you could need, including cap construction and research/invention.
-We can move you out here! No amount of m3 is too much. We also have a quick and easy system to move your spoils to Jita for maximum profits.
-Moreā€¦ probably! Yeah! Safe-ish (its still nullsec) ratting! Moon mining! and only the most riveting ice mining fleets.

Come join our PR channel and ask your every dying question, feel free to hop in our discord! (link in the PR channel MOTD). Feel free to convo me in game as well.

Channel to join: awayward PR

No spies plz

Bump! Come say hi, join our PR channel: Awayward PR

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