aWayWard Inc. - TEST NullSec PVP Corp Recruiting

aWayWard Wants You in TEST Alliance!

aWayWard Inc. [AWW] is a growing, tight knit corporation within TEST Alliance that operates primarily across US and AU time zones.

What our corp and Alliance can offer:

  • PVP Content Daily – As a member of TEST we are always blowing stuff up!
  • ORE Buyback Program
  • Good Ratting Space with Low Tax Rate
  • Active and Friendly Leadership
  • Active Comms (Both Corp and Alliance)
  • Newbro Friendly Environment – Still learning the game? We can help!
  • Laid Back, Tight Knit Group

What we ask of you:

  • You MUST be active and participate in TEST Alliance StratOps and other important fleets
  • No hard SP requirements, but due to the nature of NullSec, we recommend about 10 Million SP
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English
  • Use Alliance comms during fleet ops
  • Be able to produce ESI keys for all characters
  • Desire to meet/talk to new people. We want to get to know you
  • Thick skin – we know where the line is, we crossed it long ago. We haven’t looked back.
  • We know people have real lives too sometimes and are pretty flexible with fleet participation.

If you want to know more, come say hi in our recruitment channel “Awayward PR”

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Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

I’m getting back into the game and dragging a No on with me so you guys could work out for that. I’m more of a j space person but it would be just plain wrong to drag a Noob into a c5.

Yeah we had a group in a C5 Wolf Rayet a year or two ago. Wormholes aren’t a great place to start out :P. TEST is pretty accommodating when it comes to newbros. Free ships are provided for fleets and we have a ton of resources for newer pilots. Hop in our recruitment channel if you’re still interested and we’ll tell ya a little more about what we have to offer.


Hello I am returning to the game and looking for a corp I am an indy. I want to learn everything about being a great industrialist. I habe research slots available, manufacturing lines needing work, and planets that I can manage. I just need guidance and direction.

We’re still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting!

you guys still recruiting? i played eve for like 5h and quit like months ago. And after i want to give this game a second try but with other people.

btw im going to delete my current character and start over. i think i need to go over tutorials again

We are still recruiting, but starting with a character that new in null may be a little hard. Hop in our public channel and we can talk to you about the next steps to see if you’re ready for nullsec. We’re down if you are :smiley:

We’re still looking for pilots of all skill levels interested in joining the null-sec memes!

Still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting!

Still recruiting! We have a bunch of content right now so if you’re looking for fleets, hit us up!

Always Recruiting

Still recruiting!

Getting new guys all the time. Don’t hesitate to come talk to us in our channel :smiley:

Still recruiting! Our bumper is in Japan.