aWayWard Inc. wants you!

Hey you. Yes you! Flipping through the recruitment posts trying to see if you can find something different. I’m here to tell you, you have arrived. aWayWard Inc. (AWW) is looking to expand its membership base and spread out waywardly through the stars.

We’re a member corp of Test Alliance Please Ignore, and as such are in a position to offer you some of the best that nullsec life has to offer. There is ample fleet action available thanks to the war with GSF and their allies, as well as many other special interest groups in the alliance. We want you to make your new home with us. Our corp leadership is highly interested in building a tight knit group of competent and capable pilots that can punch above their weight. We have years of experience to share ranging from black ops and small gangs up to capital and super capital warfare. If CCP ever makes asteroids big again, we might even go mining sometime.

We are laid back and social, LGBT+ friendly, and willing to teach and help people get on their feet quickly. We have leadership and members all over the globe operating in most of the time zones, but are heavy USTZ. If you might be interested, come meet us on discord

Our most basic requirements:

Have a microphone and be willing to use Mumble and Discord
Pass an ESI background check
And ponder the most important question, what do you think of KFC?

Recruiting is open to new or experienced players alike, inquire within our discord.

We fought at FWST-8, join us for the next big battle that is sure to come soon!

Recruitment is still open, inquire within. We have cookies and beer.

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