Wardens of the Abyssal Overwatch [WAOW.] is recruiting players and corporations (WH PvP)

Wardens of the Abyssal Overwatch [WAOW.] is recruiting players and corporations! We are a relatively new alliance (est. May 2021) looking to expand and gain new friends to fly with.
Who we are:

  • A PVP focused alliance
  • Chilled out players who always want to meme

What we have to offer:

  1. A wormhole to live in and base yourself out of (C2 Wolf-Rayet with C5 and null statics)
  2. An extreme PVP focus, with roots in Pochven and lowsec
  3. Good logistics and ship availability
  4. Industry facilities for manufacturing/reactions/refining
  5. Experienced, entertaining FCs
  6. Daily small gang fleets - check our zKill
  7. Diverse content - your neighbours change every day!
  8. Thick skin and a friendly, tight-knit culture
  9. No blues

What we expect you to have:

  1. PvP focus
  2. ISK self-sufficiency (but WH offers many opportunities and we do offer SRP)
  3. Most members should have 30mil+ SP
  4. 10+ heartbeats
  5. Desire to live primarily in a wormhole

zKill: Wardens of the Abyssal Overwatch | Alliance | zKillboard

: EVE Online -「Triglavian Coalition」- Jass's Morale Speech (6th March 2021) - YouTube

Contact us on Discord if you have any questions: Wardens of the Abyssal Overwatch [WAOW.]

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