WHunters need you!

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Newly founded corporation, made by veteran ex-wormhole player, looking for members. WHunters are looking to be vital part of BIA alliance when it comes to both PVP and PVE content. BIA is integral part of Imperium coalition, largest, most powerful and best organized entity in entire EVE Online universe. Located in Delve region, with access to excellent PVE content, ISK will be a problem only to those who are to dumb to take advantage of making vast riches. PVE during day and PVP during night, will be our focus. WHunters will specialize for wormhole PVP content and we need players who knows how it works, or those who want to learn it and experienced adrenaline rush from combats where your skills in piloting your ships do matter. While nullsec PVP can have its thrills, WH PVP is by far best form of combat in EVE Online universe. When you experienced it for first the time, you will want more of it. That been said, we will make ISK during day and roam WH space during evenings and try to get fights with most elite PVP corporations in WH space, such as Lazerwahks, Inner Hell, Wingspan, etc.
What we need from you:

  • Full API key for checking
  • Be on our TS3/Mumble server during corporation/alliance/coalition fleets.
  • Behave somewhat mature if possible
  • Willingness to adopt alliance doctrine
  • Basic understanding of English language, so we can pew pew more efficient
  • Participation in deployments when it comes to that

What we offer:

  • Rich Delve region for mining or ratting for making vast ISK
  • Excellent Jita-nullsec connection for transporting your things in and out of our home
  • Regular (2 to 3 per week) alliance fleets with experienced FCs
  • Regular (tens per day) coalition fleets. Always something for anyone taste.
  • Alliance doctrine for every player, from T1 frigates to T3 cruisers and capitals so everyone can participate and kill people.
  • SRP (ship replacement program) for alliance doctrine.
  • Low (11%) corporate tax, so we can finance our shiny WH PvP ships.
    Join in-game channel: WHunters PUB or contact taurus321 for more info.

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