Awesome 60 m sp toon for sale! Dont miss the chance!

Greetings, capsulers! I would like to sell myself.
PUNGA was born in 2007 and since that has been being developed with all tenderness and love. However, all good got the end. I would like PUNGA to find new home and new application of his skills. In particular, PUNGA has got awesome mining skills. All skills can be found at skillboard page.

His home station located at Gonan (0.5);
Current location Sechmaren (0.4);
Sec status clean (5)
No kill rights
Got few hundred plex in the vault;

Make me an offer, if I find it high enough, I will accept it. To make the process easier, let me set b/o at 47 bil isk.

Contact me here or in game. All expenses for transfer are paid out of my wallet.

I’ll take it for B/O

B.o agreed.

Isk and account info sent from the character ‘Vandermark’ in game

Transfer will be made with plex, but after it is done, there will still be like 200 plex for your use. Thank you! Take care of him!

Plex stays in the vault for the account, so the plex stays yours unless you take it out of the vault, but thank you. :slight_smile: