"Axiom of Aggression"

I do not want to steal your valuable pew-pew-kaboom time, so just to the point:

Axiom of Aggression = Small gang PVP.

New and Old Bros welcome.

We have members from all TZ from US to AU passing over EU and then back… and trying to grow that way so people won’t know at what time we gonna hit them.

Join us @ https://discord.gg/KxZjWmz or “AoA Newbros” chat channel to meet us if this sounds good to u.

Or if u want some more info first, read down:

What can u expect from us?

  • Good fun PVP all day long.
  • Few to none blues (but it doesn’t mean we don’t have good friends outside corp).
  • No Drama.
  • Real Life goes first, No CTAs, only obligation is to have fun when u login.
  • Then some more good fun PVP all night long.

What are we as a Corp?

  • A relaxed PVP corp with an Indy core.
  • Well experienced PVP pilots and FC’s that have been flying together for years.
  • A tight group able to make fun stuff and work well together in small-medium fleets.

What we do?

  • We do Small Gang warfare, BLOPS, Capitals warfare, SOV warfare.
  • We like poking big targets and we are not afraid or shy.
  • Small gang USSST (Unorthodox Surgical Strike Strict Tactics). Yep, I just made that up…
  • Training Operations for Newbros.
  • Fun stupid roams if nothing better to do.
  • WH day-tripping and WH (C2) base.
  • Help u make ISK.
  • Play the game, no limitations.

What do we expect from u?

  • To play the game and have fun flying with us.
  • To be able to use our Discord, specially Discord Voice Comms at fleet ups.
  • To be self sufficient about your ISK. We can provide u the tools, but u need to do your part too.
  • To follow fleet doctrines (when necessary) and FC’s orders on the field (but don’t worry, no one is gonna scream to you here for fucking up, shit happens xD).
  • To blow up ships one way or another, no carebearing.

Where are we based?

  • In a nice Low Sec system just one jump away to HS and Null. Also sub-based in a C2 WH.
  • Very Easy access to Null Sec roams and also to LS PVP and FW (we are not part of FW but roam around it sometimes) + not far from main shopping hubs.
  • This place is our home and our holly land and we defend it nasty.


  • We can help u to JF your scrap here anytime. We want your hangar to be well prepared, so just ask and we will figure a way to make it easy so u have more time for pew-pew with us.


  • We have nice structures so u can make your own scrap if you are willing to.
  • Great moon mining calendar and boosted mining fleets.
  • Ore/moon goo Buyback program for our Indy ISK makers.

Who are we looking for:

  • U like to undock and play.
  • Alpha or Omega are welcome to apply, NewBros too.
    We can also help u figure out what do u have to train to specialize in the rol u are looking for.
  • Cap and BLOPS able pilots are always welcome but this is totally not a requirement.

Who are we NOT looking for?:

  • People too scared to undock.

Thanks for your time and hope to see u soon in https://discord.gg/KxZjWmz or “AoA Newbros” chat Channel.

Whats your active timezone ?


So far US, but we are trying to grow EU and AU also.

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Still looking for pilots out there!

Join us for fun PVP and ISK making!


Come and drop into “AoA Newbros” channel and hit one of us up in there for some pew pew!

F1 Bump! @ “AoA Newbros”

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Bump Bump, there is usually someone available so hit us up anytime!

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Still Active!

Hit us up in game by joining “AoA Newbros”

It’s Pew Pew time! Get in “AoA Newbros” if you wanna join the Pew Pew, whether it’s ships or rocks, we’re usually shooting something!

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