Triglavian invaders seeking out NEW FRIENDS.

We hang out in

We want you if you’re new to the game and have no idea what you’re up to, or if you’re old hat and opinionated. All skill levels.
Lookin’ for explorers, PvE pilots, PvP pilots, salvagers, abyssal runners, incursion runners, miners, rusty old players, excited new players.

Our primary focus will be combat anomalies for standing, money, and training. Spider Tanked Armor doctrines primarily.

Our first proving complex is a c4 with static c2/c3, perfect for new players to explore Anoikis from, along with offices and activity from Pochven to Hi-sec.

Super inclusive, so bring your girls/gays/theys

Free exploration and abyssal ships for new players

Rewards programs for aspiring FCs

Scanning and bookmarking reward system

ISK rewards for referring active members

Gas Huffing, Wormhole Mining, Salvage, 90% Buyback

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bump? maybe

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Entry level ships include

Tristan, Worm, Thorax, Exequror, Venture, Covetor


Leshak, Mega, Vindi, Marauders

If you can fly a thorax with tech 1 guns we can figure the rest out, also looking for alpha pilots interested in logi

UStz into AUtz for right now, but looking to expand

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Hello! It is my one per calendar day bump.

Plenty of seeded combat ships to farm the C2 and C3 statics with in fleet, along with a variety of entry level abyssal fits. Take a ship, earn a battleship, earn your omega, get in a Leshak. :japanese_ogre:

US time zone into AU

Still recruiting, in addition seeking corps for the alliance

Very new at the game. Tentative about joining corpos

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We’re open to players of all experience levels :smiley:

Currently Focused on Wormhole Living. C2-C5 statics for all comfort levels.
Learn the ropes in a 2/3 Static or fight Drifters in the higher class holes.

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