Back after so many years and want to share this movie with you all

I still enjoy watching interesting movies, and OOPE might like this:

The Night House

Its a movie I recommend to all of my friends, and why not here, now that I am back for at least another year after a looong break.

The only forum I ever cared about in eve was OOPSE, so I will keep the tradition.

Move is about a woman that lost her husband and suddenly everything she remembered about him turns out to be … part of a dark secret.

What I found fascinating about this movie is that it actually extracted a very obscure esoteric topic and brought it into the light.

So as to not spoil anything, please, if you like horror movies, go watch it!

Its quite compelling and also oddly enough a bit existentialist.

Most horror movies just want to do cheap scares, here the whole metaplot is about something much more unique to the human condition, and that alone made it my fav movie of the past years.


I just watched The Outfit (2022), a movie about a tailor who lets some gangsters use his shop as a stash house. I heard it was good, and it did not disappoint. I’m also becoming a huge fan of Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies).

Rebecca Hall is a very talented actress. She has a long background in acting. If I’m not mistaken her mother is an opera singer and her dad was a theatre play director.

I first saw her in the movie Frost/Nixon and immediately fell in love with her. Then I saw her in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige and that solidified my feelings for her.

She’s also a living proof that a woman doesn’t need exaggerated physical features to be regarded as “beautiful”.

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The film looks creepy and confusing, my kind of film, thanks!

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Yes … I love her!

She also acted extremely well on this particular film …

If you watch the movie, feel free to tell me what were your thoughts on it :smile:


The film looks creepy and confusing, my kind of film, thanks!

Those are my favorite films! :smiley:

For some reason I find them oddly comforting even if they leave me disturbed, and the particular subject in the end of this one left me wanting to discuss it with family and friends and share on the net.

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