Watership Down is scary

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I remember that they made me watch it in primary school and it was pretty much my first introduction to the concept of life and death. I saw the DVD on the market for a quid the other day, and watched it as I went to sleep last night, and still had a rabbit based nightmare.

Anyone else remember this film?

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I don’t mind this post, it seems fun but i thought one of the rules for the forums was “No posts not related to EVE”

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I may have misunderstood the meaning of the words “general” and “discussion”, happy to be banned., I didn’t read the rules

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Probably post will just get moved to out of pod discussion and no problem for you.

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Its alright you shouldn’t get banned, they’ll probs just move the post to out of pod discussion

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I’m not worried, I have nothing of interest to contribute anyway.

Let me try and fail to bring it back on topic. This film was my first introduction to life and death as a small boy, and I wonder how people see life and death in EvE. My killboard is in the running for the most drunken idiocy in the history or New Eden, but the only ship I ever cared to lose is my Ishtar.

I got combat scanned after ratting in a lowsex safe cos I had to take a phone call from the doctors, just recently and honestly rage quit for a few weeks, (I am 39).

What am I talking about, CCP pls just delete this and forum ban me, TIA xx

P.S> I can afford another Ishtar :slight_smile:

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Can I have your other Ishtar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will add, that for a lot of people around our age, Watership Down was probably one of the most traumatizing and tear inducing experiences of our young lives… I’m mid 40s and probably still get dust in my eyes when I hear the song ‘Brighteyes’.
Totally not crying, it’s just very dusty in here,

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i’ve seen it long time ago. i don’t remember any of it, though.

i’m really optimistic about death. i mean, we’re all going to die. i’d not mind living a long time, but if i lived 200 years, i’d rather want to know what it’s like to die. i got no problem with that at all. worse than death, is notoriously trying to avoid it for ones self and everyone else, and continuously spreading fear of death, as if it was something horrible. living in fear of death, until you inevitably die anyway, is ridiculous. You’ll still die either way and won’t care about it, when it happened.


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Just be careful crossing the road…

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the day i die from some form of automatic behaviour, or mindlessness, will be the very day i deserved to die. vOv all i care about, regarding my own death, is not doing something so ■■■■■■■ stupid, that i’d deserve the outcome of my action. i understand that this is in stark contrast to the modern western approach of being a helpless victim by default, which lacks any self responsibility, but i prefer a non-dystopian approach to life. vOv

i wish you all a long life, as long as you keep it solely within your own responsibility to achieve it. o7

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@CCP is there any possible way to make ‘Bright Eyes’ play next time @dave3NG gets podded?

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I think of death as being nothing more than reverting to the form I was in before my conception. I gather from astronomers I was like that for about 15 billion years. Stuck in some kind of galactic Skills Training queue probably.

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LMAO !!.. :sweat_smile:

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Having just read the plot summary of Watership Down I think you’ll find that if you substitute corporation or alliance for warren you’re not that much off topic.

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Google myxomatosis, and Watership Down will make a lot more sense, especially once you realise why Fiver is tripping balls.

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Honestly, OP, if animated rabbit trauma was your first introduction to death, you had a good childhood.

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Da kids can’t even read the rules? They can’t even read a book.

I keed.

Sure, Watership Downs was written for kids. It has murder, and rape in it. There’s no Bugs Bunny this novel. Those bunnies are mean. Except Fiver, and his friends. Okay, Bigwig was kind of a badass. A good novel with suspense in it.

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