Bad Vibe is Recruiting [Trigger Happy Alliance]

Bad Vibe have experienced leadership dating back to 2003, having held leadership positions in Goons, CO2, MC, PL & Test. We pride ourselves on being a social group and having fun blowing up space pixels in this truly amazing game, in an area of the game with truly unique content available at our doorstep.

Our home is in Tribute, and since it’s glassing has been a haven for smaller entities to start making a name for themselves. Although we are a PVP corp we have carved out SOV for our members to become self-sufficient, be it ratting, mining or manufacturing. We have good access to other NS regions as well as LS, content is never hard to find!

We are a part of an exciting new alliance… Trigger Happy, which synergises completely with us as a corp; not being elitist, having fun being the main goal and having a great social aspect. By joining us you could look forward to; Small/Medium gang PVP, BLOPS, Gate camps, WH Trips & Capital Escalations.

Luckily we have logged our journey on our timeline

A bit more about us: We are a social, inclusive and friendly bunch of players who also meet up at Eve events. Our motto is “Have Fun”. Eve can be a demanding game, and we play this for fun…right? Real-life comes first, and we will never ask you to prioritise the game. We pride ourselves on making each and every member feel included, valued & respected.

Ideal Applicant:

  • 15m SP
  • Has a subcap main and dread alt.
  • Willing to PVP and work towards common goals.
  • Has a good sense of humor.

If you would like to find out more, please join our in-game channel ‘Open Bad Vibe’, or hop on our discord which can be accessed here.

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