Baking thread - show us what you baked today!

As the title says!
Share what you baked today! Or yesterday…
I’ll go first. I don’t buy bread, i bake mine. Like. Always. Week around, year around.
Cheap, fun & delicious! :hugs:


Chauffeurs Broccolis au Gratin.

I though if it was for cooking too it would make it very very spammable…
Everyone cooks. Everyday almost. Not so many bake! But go for it, it’s not like this is that serious to filter it out!

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Of course. It’s 20h28 here, dinner’s over, dishes in the dishwasher. Your thread came too late, as usual.

Chicken fried 5/5 would eat!
I’m so sorry to say this haha :laughing: but the picture could be better don’t you think?
Has a slight negative affect on the deliciousness.

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Same i didn’t mean to offend the chicken is 5/5! :poultry_leg:

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The only thing I’ve cooked recently (as in, less than an hour ago) i’s my famous non-alcoholic cocktail of 1000 mg paracetamol, 600 mg acetylcystein (lemon-flavored) and 2700 mg of lysine carbocysteinate (orange-flavored) mixed and stirred with 200 g of water. I call it the Mucolytic Bomb and it keeps your nose clear (which is good) your lungs clear (which is useful) and also alleviates headache associated to common cold and other infections. Take it once each 18 hours with extra doses of paracetamol as needed (up to 4 grams a day) until you stop running mucus both from upper and lower airways.

Obviously this is not medical advice (you’ve seen it on the Internet, FFS!) rather an attempt at humour over the unpleasant experience of serial non-usual colds, maybe Covid outbursts, about once a month since november at least and how to deal with the symptoms on the airways.

Also I don’t cook and certainly don’t bake, although I love bread well above what would be healthy for my diabetes and wouldn’t mind making some sourdough and baking me a nice loaf… sometime. I am old enough to remember how bakeries used to smell when they made and kept their own dough…


Sorry to hear about being sick :frowning:
Hope you’ll get better soon!

I live in a country where our bread actually is healthy and really really good! Rye bread! It’s a standard! Love it.

Problem is though that it’s really work intensive to bake if ypur going for 100% rye because you need to upkeep the root to which the bread is baked.

So what we usually do here is mix rye and wheat.
I’m doing 70/30 ratio. And yeah idk next generation will probably lose the ability to bake anything at all.