Ballpark prices for toons?


Is there a way to calculate ballpark prices for characters? Eg for every 10Mil SP expect X isk.

Is there any other non SP factors that can really move the price?



Certain specialized toons will sell for more. But your average run of the mill character will go for or close to extraction price.

Specialized toons would be mostly capital type toons (super, dread, Rorq)

Purely focused characters like pvp only skills or science only skills also may go a bit above extraction value.

Also you are allowed to include clone costs (implants) and skins in the cost of your character you sell on the bazar. (Although unless it’s a super rare skin most probably won’t care)

Sadly with the removal of plex as currency to pay for the transfer I’ve watched the bazaar dwindle compared to what it used be.

Faction standings, assigned skins, storied history, rare attribute maps, unassigned sp & ect, will add value beyond extraction sp/price.

Security status & bounty are now negligible as the first can be fixed & the 2nd os disabled. Negative wallets by the amoubt negative but I think it is dorbiddenft to trade neg wallet chars.

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