WTS 47 m Sp Sup cap toon

Security Status 5.0
positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Bid start 40 B


28 B offer

this is the extraction price
If I don’t receive a normal offer, I’ll do it myself, why should I pay for a transferr if I can extract the skill myself?

Extraction price is the normal price.

Anything above it would be the premium bidded to want your character.

To answer your question, because you don’t want to waste time extracting your skills, you’re here to sell your toon, albeit for a higher price than what you would gain by extracting your toon. You save time. I save ISK by managing to make a bit of profit. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying the toon?

So many toons wouldn’t have been sold if that was the case.

Then again, you can always sell to someone who will offer you more and even play with your character more than me.

I will increase my bid to 30 B. Good luck.

30 bil offer accept ty
send isk pls and info ac

you win

Okay sending

ISK and account info sent

30 bil for the pilot Captain Arkarall
this is my alt
for sanu okuda you have to send 40 bil

you sent 30 bil sanu okuda ahahha

isk returned

Ah ok. Didn’t see that. My mistake. I will resend.

Sorry about that.

ISK and account details sent to @Captain_Arkarall


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