SOLD Wts Trig Pilot 5.7m with rare skin

Up to battlecruiser precursor and medium precursor weapon II with specialization

Is in jita, no killing rights, positive wallet, i pay the tramsfer. If interested answer the thread i am not entering in the char.

How much? sorry, first time on character bazaar. Very interested unless this “rare skin” makes a difference in price

Is a rare skin, non a ultra rare skin =P

4.2 b ?

Maybe 4.2 if he had the general skills to a reasonable level. Still needs a few months of work to get to a usable level, none of the trig skills besides a single gunnery to 5, I’d pay 2 bil. Still way more than what you have put into them

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The transfer is itself 2.5b. Its literally impossible you can any char here for less than 3b. Yopu can recover some money if u want extracting an extractor, but you dont get NOTHING for 2b here.

No thanks i dont pay and loss the char for nothing. Good luck.

Like i said, did not know about the bazaar. Fine. 3 bil. final offer

no thanks.

OK bud lmk if you dont get any offers. really not sure where youre expecting the other bil to materialize from

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How would you feel about a 3.5B b/o?

3.7 is the less i can, need purchase two new implants.

split the difference - 3.6B?

weel, i need free the space, i accept. sent the isk and account name and i transfer.

Sounds good - Isk and account sent.

transfer done, please answer the thread when you receive the character in ten hours, or the eve real world mail.

Received the character. Pleasure doing business!

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