PC 125m Cap/SubCap Pilot

Looking for valuation on Melange as she may go up for sale soon.

Skill Board

Thank you,

100 bill

Based on math for SP extraction, it looks like 120m would be a starting price. If anything less, extraction would yield higher profit?

Yeah, don’t accept offers in this one, seems they are offering rather than telling you. This isn’t the price check section, but I’ll go ahead and check. Extraction price is around 112/114. So anything below that is pure profit for someone like me if I am not just buying another toon to play around with. So you’ll want to start bidding around there, and I would recommend also setting a minimum bid increase amount, so say start bid 112, bid increments of .5B only or something like that. Otherwise you get some people coming in and you get to watch them play the 100M/.1B bidding games and you don’t really get any sort of actual movement for a while

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