[PC] 123.5m SP - Possible sale if I see something I like

Pass boetoaso2


Just an idea guys.

Back up.

would you tade?

More interested in ISKies if anything.
Anyone got an idea as to how much this could fetch?
Been out of it too long to know anymore.

I’ve got like 4 current bids on other pilots, but if you’re quick I’ve got 95 Billion I can transfer to you immediately

Hi. Whats the buyout? Inetrested.

As I said in a previous post, I’ve been out of it for too long, I have no clue what the worth of this toon is.
I know I could get 100B+ based on extractor value, so would have to be north of that.

I’m withdrawing my bid, but to catch you up there are generally two types of sales. Someone who actually wants the pilot for the specific use the pilot was trained for (or something close). Those sales generally match at 1 Billion ISK per million skill points or a little higher. When a pilot is all over the map or doesn’t have a specific trained use OR has a trained use that isn’t worth as much (Solo PvP) you get bids from people who will extract.
Extraction value (what you see on the skillboard) is an estimate in two different forms. 1) it’s based on the estimated price of injectors (which is actually pretty close to stable), but 2) It is also an estimate because whomever is offering you ISK to extract is also having to purchase extractors, will be taking that expense in to account, and will be still looking for a profit.

If your pilot is slotted for extraction, you generally don’t get quotes for full extraction value.

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this character is a complicated 1
it is close to a capital but its mainly clearly focussed on subcap and you can fly just about what ever how ever

i would realy aim for 115 start or bo around 120
this is not a offer cause i could never pay that much
i do how ever love the build up

ATM you will have a hard time selling it for more than extraction value. Extractors were artificially inflated because people were speculating that CCP would give another buff to allow people of any SP to inject with no penalties. I.e. anything over 5m SP regularly gets 400m SP instead of the full 500. Etc.

So current estimations are not truly accurate in what someone looking to strip it is counting on for profit. For an unfocused sup-cap pilot with no precusor skills and no real mentionable cap skills you’ll have a hard time selling it above extractor plain and simple.

Regular subcap pilots are not desireable because they are dime a dozen and people are willing to sell them at less than extraction prices.

yes i can not disagree , only with this build up he has a big advantage over other subcap toons he can fly what ever how ever and that is also a point to take into consideration
he can possibly fly most doctrines of nulsec alliances most subcap toons are focussed on 1 or 2 races he is not

Yeah, but speaking frankly, no one really cares about specialization in subcaps. Flavor of the year is Precursor/Rorq/Super/Titan/Dread. Unless its one of those, you’re not getting over extraction value, especially how inflated the EST extractor value is atm. The prices will drop down quickly back to normal, and it will be able a 15-20b difference on that sheet for a pilot of this sp.

All that said I’ll put a new bid for exactly 100 Billion.

Thank you for the lights you guys brought to this PC request.
Offer of 100b is noted, and I will consider it.
I’m hoping that the offer will still be on the table in a day or two.
I need to think this through now that I have some insight.

I’ll take that 100b offer if still valid.
Message me in-game and transfer the ISK :slight_smile:

Accepted. message incoming

Message with account info AND 100 Bln ISK sent to Mark o’Dekolon.

Thanks for the transaction, I do hope you are completely satisfied, and good luck in all future dealings.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Mark o’Dekolon

Will be completed after: 12/18/2019 10:20:28 AM