Band Together Against the Nullsec Menace! Alphas/Newbros/Vets Welcome!

Too long have these massive nullsec alliances enjoyed the benefits of crabbing in peace. Too long have they squabbled back and forth over the same territory with little to no change in the null landscape. Most of all, too long have they been comfortable with where they’re at and what they’re doing. We aim to change all that.

Wormholers can pop out anywhere and at anytime, and everyone knows they’re the best in the biz. Our goal at NUSCA is to unify our fellow wormhole divers into a temporary alliance, allowing us to generate ISK in relative peace and use that extra ISK to launch full scale guerilla warfare against any and all nullsec entities. They’ll never know what we’re bringing, when we’re bringing it, or where it will drop; all they’ll know is their crabbing Rorqs and ratting boats won’t be safe anywhere anymore.

If you are interested in becoming a Null Scourge Anarchist or want more information, you can mail Severrus in game, join chat channel NUSCA Recruiting, or jump on our Discord at Null Scourge Anarchists. We accept any and all pilots, including Alphas, however we have very minimal skill requirements to be able to join us in the hole.

If you are already part of a wormhole corporation but are interested in joining the alliance, please use the same methods of contact above.

The time of these massive nullsec coalitions that stagnate against each other is coming to an end; it’s time to band together and create chaos until we’re satisfied with how much they’ve shrunk.

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Hard Knocks are PL alts.

I like your attitude. I doubt your influence.

+1 though. Conflict is good.

The influence is small, but it’s my hope that we can start gaining traction in this objective. It wouldn’t even be a permanent alliance, just banding together long enough to knock some of these null coalitions down a peg.

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