Bans on HS exploiters

Apparently LOL.

chaotic good also can.


Im sure i seen it mentioned here, for either side, pulling concord isnt exploitive


Pulling concord is legal. Delaying concord is an exploit. Now with most PVE/PVP activities people have pretty much cracked the formula on how to do it. Ganking is an activity where it’s been cracked regarding how to Gank/timing and so on. Same thing with many other things like Incursions/Lv 4 missions’ heck even mining.

Ganking is a legitimate style of game play in EVE period.


You sir, have learned to EVE.


I think my fellow HS’ers should read and understand the 8 Golden Rules for Eve Online. Especially that last one. Please, quit coming to the forums to make post about how unfair this… that… or the other is.

Plus, if you quit trying to live within 5 jumps of Jita you might have the peace you want. Yeah, you might not be an ISK billionaire as fast as you want. But like RL, there are tradeoffs to choices you make.


He had to amend his statements cause 2-3 Devs literally Gibb’s smacked the crap out of him like he was 1 day old Dinozo.


Occasionally a high-sec miner makes it into a GM position, and thinks that they finally have the power to “change” the game’s rules to “how they should be.”


Ganking is by itself an exploit. They just don’t ban people over it because it would displease the ganking comunity.
Pulling CONCORD is also an exploit. The GM was right.
This is one of the rare instances where a GM dared to step out of line to do the right thing, but thet silenced him.

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By your posting history around here I know you’re trolling, but I’m curious as to how you’d logically support the argument that ganking is an exploit.

LOL ok bud. It ain’t.

Also they are stealth nerfing ganking in the next update so

Until i hear specifically this kind of exploit is allowed game play i will not believe you. Also we could exploit too and make our orca fly off whenever someone enters the system that is red. But that is exploiting. You can’t pick and choose that the most abusive and harassing players have the game. Eventually you will run out of innocent people to exploit.

how so?

25 ship catalyst fleets? Come on, controlled by one person? That is the equivalent of AFK ganking. 1 person controls one ship and the other 24 ships are afk.

Every single one of those rules is wrong, in fact they are not even rules. the real rules are that an exploit will get you banned, THAT IS A RULE. What you posted was old player politics.

Well the people who dont like ganking say no. How about that. My politics against your politics. if you piss off the high sec miners the economy suffers. We have very nice elderly people who play this game just in high sec, nowhere else and they like to just mine. they will mine all day every day. And they contribute. Ganking does not contribute. Not ganking miners. Go to low and null if you want a fight. What a ganker in high sec, vs miners, is, nothing more then a terrorist.


Yennoe. I read this paragraph again and again for a good five minutes. I thought of a lot of things to say. I’ll just settle for I do not think you have any idea what an exploit actually is LOL.

The resist buffs my guy :smiley:

Actually no, they aren’t AFK. And multi-boxing is supported by CCP. Welcome to reality :smiley:

LOL they are in fact not wrong. And yes, you do not know what an exploit is.

Ganking gives the miners a reason to mine :smiley: In fact, miners exist because of gankers.

The circle of life is glorious eh?


There is 0 reason to abolish ganking. It’s pretty much in every MMO in its own way. It’s been a while since I was ganked while hauling. HS is quite big and there are areas were gankers don’t often patrol compared to the trade routes.

Just because something doesn’t contribute is not grounds to abolish it

And Ganking is a lot more than killing HS miners. There are many funny KM’s were hulls get ganked for good reason. Learn some debate skills. Stick to your reasons your argument is thin to nonexistent.

I am perfectly ok with calling gankers terrorists. That still doesn’t mean ganking should be abolished.

no i dont say abolish it i say give people who dont gank equal power. The power to break the social contract of high sec should not be an advantage. If you have low security standing anyone in high sec including green mode players should be able to attack and still have concord arrive if they attack back.

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That’s not “equal power,” that’s an “execute button.”

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