Bans on HS exploiters

What in the quafe.

How is that anyway balanced? Yea, I’m for you being able to attack them. But they should also be able to defend themselves.

Thems the risks son LOL.

Brought up a great point. HS indy guys do consider ganking also?! It’s what makes @Cherti_Stardust’s argument flawed. HS miners do actually consider ganking. Indy guys hire gankers or hitmen. You just can’t paint gankers as one group and HS miners as a nother group. Who knows gankers might mine?!
I am positive Indy guys hire gankers to get rid of annoyances. That is the beauty of EVE.

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This is 100% true.

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Yes, we do. Or we have the thought of baiting them when they are in system.

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What is concorn?

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After listening to their feedback we have decided not to implement the policy update mentioned above. There will be no changes to how support are policing CONCORD interaction and that ‘pulling’ CONCORD or defensive spawning of CONCORD is currently permitted but we reserve the right to change this at a future date. -GM Arcade

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(post deleted by author)

You consent to PVP the moment you undock your ship. PVP is all around you.


Cherti is an example of a player who doesn’t think outside their own little world/box… and thus never thought of the idea that gankers might also be industry guys as well.

Obviously no one would do it because Cherti didn’t think of it themselves… /sarcasm


the illusion of asymmetrical insight at play right here. Ever thought i may know everything you know and still came to the same decision. Do you think that might be possible.

Yes you are a miner/industry/ganker/ceo/all things in this game as we all are. You still have the choice of good or evil before you.

Ever thought i might also be a ganker in a pirate corp? Some people think in their own little box.

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Well i posted proof that pulling CONCORD is legit gameplay. So get over it

Ya there is the flood of CCP employees supporting what you say? umm none.

Did they even read the link you posted?

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Ummm… I’m not the one who suggest high-sec all go on strike until this is changed. You did.

I’m not the one who literally said ‘the people who dont like ganking say no’ when someone pointed out that ganking is a legitimate style of game play in Eve. You were.

I’m not the one who called pulling CONCORD an exploit despite CCP having already announced it was not. You did. You even double-downed on this after someone posted you a link to the decision on this by stating:

You can’t see outside your own box so badly that when someone links you to a post by a member of CCP, you choose to ignore it.

At this point, you’re either trolling or too obtuse to have a real adult discussion with. I might keep responding to you because it entertains me. Why? Because it contributes to my fun like how ganking people contributes to the fun of gankers.

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I’m definitely rolling a hysteria trolling alt now. If it’s so easy to rope in a dozen or two total idiots like this, I’m going to have many hours of fun.


No one has ever showed me this announcement that delaying or bugging out concord is an acceptable way to play. That one person running 25-100 alts to gank everyone in high sec and destroy the economy is exactly what CCP wants.

I am still waiting for someone to show me this very statement. All you people can do is just say it exists but not show that it exists. Show me the statement. So me this completely stupid statement and what GM posted it. Please proceed to make me look like a fool.

A link to the statement recently made in this thread as well as in another thread. Choosing not to read (or use Google) falls on you, not the community.

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Do you look like a fool now?


i’ve tagged you in the post with the proof from a GM saying its still permitted, and above, Xeux linked it again… not our fault you are too ignorant to read the links for proof.

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