Bans on HS exploiters


Ummm… I’m not the one who suggest high-sec all go on strike until this is changed. You did.

I’m not the one who literally said ‘the people who dont like ganking say no’ when someone pointed out that ganking is a legitimate style of game play in Eve. You were.

I’m not the one who called pulling CONCORD an exploit despite CCP having already announced it was not. You did. You even double-downed on this after someone posted you a link to the decision on this by stating:

You can’t see outside your own box so badly that when someone links you to a post by a member of CCP, you choose to ignore it.

At this point, you’re either trolling or too obtuse to have a real adult discussion with. I might keep responding to you because it entertains me. Why? Because it contributes to my fun like how ganking people contributes to the fun of gankers.

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I’m definitely rolling a hysteria trolling alt now. If it’s so easy to rope in a dozen or two total idiots like this, I’m going to have many hours of fun.


No one has ever showed me this announcement that delaying or bugging out concord is an acceptable way to play. That one person running 25-100 alts to gank everyone in high sec and destroy the economy is exactly what CCP wants.

I am still waiting for someone to show me this very statement. All you people can do is just say it exists but not show that it exists. Show me the statement. So me this completely stupid statement and what GM posted it. Please proceed to make me look like a fool.

A link to the statement recently made in this thread as well as in another thread. Choosing not to read (or use Google) falls on you, not the community.

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Do you look like a fool now?


i’ve tagged you in the post with the proof from a GM saying its still permitted, and above, Xeux linked it again… not our fault you are too ignorant to read the links for proof.

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My guess is that they will not accept defeat.

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still nothing

Special kind of stupid a aren’t ya


Still nothing and now your insulting me. The last resort for someone with no ability speak to the topic.


Why would the GMs want to interact with a chatbot aspirant?

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oh your talking about the GM arcade quote. oh i thought you were talking about something else because that quote supports everything i have said.

The lead GM basically said read this:

And the first exploit is, don’t delay concord and don’t stop concord from killing you.

The punishment of ganking in high sec is your ship loss. Nothing can stop that or your cheating. The recent solution around those rules is to fly around in a fleet of 100 corvettes controlled by one person. Killing bowheads with corvettes now. All thanks to massive amounts of ram and the new GTX 3090. FYI if you read the rules using massive amounts of any objects in space to abuse the concord system is also an exploit.

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Pulling concord for either defensive or for gank purposes is not the same as delaying.


ya, it is. i had someone demonstrate the use of it. Using a corvette to draw them away at the right moment. That sure is.

Im done arguing with you

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Are you though?

Personally, this is how it should be handled.
If Group A pulled Concord and Concord chases them, and something such as a Gank were to happen. A situation should come as either one of the following.
A) In response to multiple crimes happening in an area, Concord will then have a count down before backup arrives into the area to spawn additional units.
B) Group being attack should be able to Hail an SoS feature for Concord (even if it was like an emergency response fee requiring Isk) for the Concord units to basically go to a Priority Response.

Personally lets run a situation where lets say Concord have to leave where they camp around a gate, they should request reinforcements to come and guard the gate while they check the sector they are in. In Military logic you wouldn’t send the only two guards protecting a spot to search for something and leave an opening defenseless.

Unless of coarse if the coding was changed (Which would be a little tricky) To also add a value once they break pursuit with the situation they are already in, the concord will check for any other issues within the area BEFORE they return to their post (resetting)

Where’s the footage?

You demanded links to CCP’s declaring that pulling is not an exploit. You could extend the courtesy of providing video evidence of …