Baron Redwolfe for CSM 14

Vote Baron Redwolfe for CSM 14, I wish to represent a smaller number of capsuleers who feel that their voice isn’t always heard. While I cannot promise changes as I am one that does not desire to make promises that I can not keep. While I may not be a super well known individual in the game. I have been playing since 2009, and I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary. What I wish to bring to the table of the CSM is challenge if anything. Many things are no longer challenging after a certain point.

In the name of transparency, I am avidly against Ganking, but I have come to terms with it and wish to offer a new challenge to this venture as well. Namely only High Sec Ganking, as anymore it’s just a game of numbers right now. Allow me to outline my idea’s and plans that I wish to bring to the CSM table.

  • Advocate a challenging and new method of “High sec Piracy.” After all I feel that many are just either tired of the charade, bored, or other wise going through the motions. Additionally since CCP has made it very clear that Ganking is a legal mechanic in the game, I would advocate to make it more official and proliferated in a means of the idea that gankers can flee with ships intact? I have many idea’s I wish to bring to the CSM table on this and most I feel will help even the smallest of Corps either defend their assets, or steal from a larger group.
  • I would join the advocation of Alliance Bookmarks. After all it has been years since this was brought up and still it hasn’t been implemented. Most beneficial groups would be wormholers, but other groups could benefit and use these with great interest.
  • Be the voice for smaller groups, while we have the majority of the CSM being voted in by massive player groups, it’s often easy to overlook the small guy. Corporations or Alliances numbering with less than 50 pilots on average are over looked and stomped on. This inevitably leads to them either quitting or taking an extended vacation from the game. While it is a good thing to keep the majority happy, it’s even better to get the smaller groups going and adding new pilots to the game daily.

I know that I am not perfect, nor will I try to say anything to the contrary. I just wish to throw in my hat and hope that I can voice the opinions and wishes of those who are heavily impacted by larger groups running the game. This is a sandbox MMO based in space, it shouldn’t be all about the one group or the larger party. It should be able to cover all bases and help everyone, from the 1 man corporation, to the 10,000 strong. I only desire to be the offset of the larger voices. After all, in recent CSM ventures the question I feel wasn’t always asked enough, or rarely at all, was “How will it affect the Small Groups?”

That is my offer in the CSM 14 running, and in all honesty, I doubt I will get much in the way of votes or attention. Either way if you have read this, thank you, fly safe or fly dangerous.

Baron Redwolfe

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This would be no longer ganking. What is to stop a ganker from switching from cats to vindicators to do their “ganking”, if they are able to flee without Concord intervention? What mechanic would you come up with to give some protection to freighter pilots in high sec?

Years ago if you were fast enough you could kill a target and run before concord showed up. If you were in a vindicate you wouldn’t be fast enough most likely

A new modual of sorts, granted this is only an idea and doesn’t have much of a chance to be implemented. However in many other Scifi genre settings, a ship under attack can send out a Distress call. People can respond to try and save the individual ship, or die trying. In a sense it would create a limited engagement area for the pilot being engaged.

That is my thoughts on it anyways, but like any plan option A is usually the first to be removed in favor of better options B- Z. There is a lot I am still looking into and learning about the process of Ganking and what can be done to give those who do it a challenge. While letting those who do not like it a way to avoid or defend themselves. After all, removing ganking is not going away but I feel it should at least be evolving with the times and not left to be just one means.


Are these high sec mercs falling out of a tree or something?

Would you be able to explain what kind of issues are commonplace amongs these smaller corporations that you’ve reached out and talked to?

I quite like the idea of less CONCORD style mechanics but fear that it’s a necessary backstop to ultimately destructive play. Most players are hisec, snipe and run mechanics will impact everything from newbies learning to lifeblood freight mechanics.

My questions to you would be : How do you balance repeated ganking? Surely rapid fleets would soon eradicate hi sec freight altogether and stop newbies from leaving starter systems? Uedama would be unpassable for all those without fleet support. It would largely impact small groups which you claim to support. Demonstrate that these aren’t antithetical campaign promises.