Barsoom Shipyards seeking new players

Greetings Pilots of New Eden!

Are you a fresh pilot having just earned your wings and trying to find your place within the world?

Do you crave the individual attention and support needed to truly grasp how to fly within New Eden, but hate the concept of getting lost in the crowd of one of the larger “university” type corporations?

Do you want the ability to try your had at a few different tasks in eve, without judgement, and in a relaxed environment without being treated as a “newb” due to an honest lack of experience?

Barsoom Shipyards may be the place for you! Here at Barsoom we have veteran players, Myself included, with years of experience in all aspects of life in New Eden. We welcome players of all experience levels, From the newest Pilots to the oldest Veterans.

Our core of operations is within High Sec, conducting industrial operations while also supporting our allies with Low-Sec, Wormhole, and Nullsec PVP.

All in all, we’ve done it all, and we’d love to help you to learn the ropes, and hopefully provide a welcoming and friendly place for you to enjoy your time here in New Eden!

Feel free to contact me directly or join our public channel BARSH PUB to learn more about our operations and see if we’re the right fit for you!

-Jobie Thickburger
Chief Operations Officer
Barsoom Shipyards

Hi, myself and a couple friends are thinking of trying out EVE again (tried a few years back but the learning curve got the better of us). This time we want to find a group that will (1) help us learn the game and (2) give us some purpose in the game (ie mining for the team is more fun than mining for the sake of mining).

I may be interested. I will be returning to the game after taking a year break. I was a noob then and will be now. Indy focused toon looking to see what’s out there.

Trukk78 & Kaotik : I’ve sent In-Game replies to you both. Hope to hear from you soon!

Everyone Else:

  • Barsoom Shipyards is looking for pilots New, Old and returning. Alpha/Omega status is not a concern as we’re able to work with anyone when it comes to setting up and learning the game!
  • We’re here to help you! Hit me up via Evemail or in our public chat : BARSH PUB

Interested in talking to you guys Im an old player hoping to find a new home out of null sec

What’s your policy towards wardecs?

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