Barsoom Shipyards Looking for Recruits

Good Afternoon,

I am Jobie Thickburger, Chief P.I.T.A. here at Barsoom Shipyards.

Here at Barsoom, we look to develop new players in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our mission is to help you find a place where you can develop a core group of allies that will follow you through your Career here in New Eden.

Based out of High Security space, we will work with you to develop the skills you desire within this game we call life. Our core operations include:

  • Mining
  • Corporate Manufacturing
  • Missioning
  • Small Gang combat

If your interested in joining up with and being a founding member of a group of fun loving pilots, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Jobie Thickburger or join BARSH PUB to find out more.

-Fly safe out there
-Jobie Thickburger
Chief Pain in the Ass
Barsoom Shipyards

What are the requirements to join?

Willingness to learn and be part of the team. No SP/Omega requirements. If your 1 day old and new to the game We’re willing to take you under our wing and help you find your desires. You will need to pass a standard interview with either myself or the CEO but nothing crazy.

For recruitment info feel free to contact me in game, Via Evemail, or in our public Channel : BARSH PUB

Operating from both High and Low Security space! Looking for pilots new and old who are interested in a relaxed atmosphere, with a little bit of pew pew and a lot of crunch crunch!

Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way. Come talk to Barsoom Shipyards and see how we can work together to build a stronger New Eden!

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