Basgerin & Surrounding Hi-Sec

I’ve noticed something peculiar about Basgerin. There’s always these Strange people in there. Just mining and ratting away like there is no tomorrow. Don’t seem to be too much resistance.

The surrounding high-sec areas seem to have them mining too. Any miners not directly related to them are instantly ganked. Really Strange, they just keep on mining and never talking to anyone in local.

Not a very hospitable group of people. Wave in the air as I go putting by and they don’t even take the time to wave back. (Especially on the days I have tacos and refried beans)

Anyway, guess I’ll putt on outta here. I have gas clouds to form.


Welcome Cosmic Smelly.

They are the alts of known and unknown gankers.

Just go right ahead and join us n with them,

There are pockets full of soil to full your pants.

You must have been really traumatized by your experience.

So traumatized I let a squeaky out. That’s not common after having tacos.

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