Bastion module and heavy missile launchers

While recently screwing around with my Golem fit in the ship simulator, I noticed that heavy missile launchers and rapid heavy missile launchers do not receive the missile rate of fire bonus from the bastion module, and I was wondering if this is intended? The Bastion Module I description tab states that “it also extends the reach of all the vessel’s weapon systems and their rate of fire,” and the attributes tab lists…

Missile Velocity Bonus 25%
Missile Rate of Fire Bonus -50%

…which I take to mean that these apply to all missiles; but while the module does increase the range of heavy missiles, it’s currently not increasing their rate of fire. If this is a bug, then I thought I should mention it here. If this is intended, then maybe the description and attributes tabs for the bastion module should be edited to reflect that the rate of fire bonus does not apply to heavy missiles.

I was prompted to post this cause I’ve been wanting to shake things up with my Golem and try something different, and recently noticed again that the 100% damage role bonus on the ship also applies to heavy missiles in addition to cruise and torpedo missiles. Thought it might be interesting to test out heavy and rapid heavy missile launchers on a Golem for different gameplay purposes, but not if the bastion rate of fire bonus doesn’t apply.

I’m wondering the same thing. Where is CCP’s response to this? There is nothing that I can see that would prevent these launchers from getting the rate of fire bonus from the bastion module, but even pyfa doesn’t increase the dps when simulating with the bastion module activated.

CCP, is this a bug?

plz answer

i’ll put a bug in a few CSM’s ears on this one.
@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

Has anybody put a bug report in for this?

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I think the bug here may only apply to the RHML as that is the only BS sized weapon that doesn’t get the rate of fire benefit.

The velocity bonus is related to the missiles being used and not the launcher.

The Bastion Module only impacts BS sized weapons and the Heavy Missile Launcher is considered a cruiser sized weapon.

The Medium and Small Gun size groups also don’t get a ROF bonus when put onto the Vargur.

The module description incorrectly states that only the repair bonus is stacking penalized. The rate of fire bonus is not stacking penalized and the resist bonuses are stacking penalized with damage control and reactive armor hardener. Other bonuses are stacking penalized normally.

thats one bug that needs to be fixed in regards to the bastion
as far as the golem is concerned,
100%bonus to Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo damage

It would be nice if the bonuses were applied to heavy and rapid heavy missiles, but at the very least the text should be changed to say which weapon systems the bastion module applies to and which it doesn’t.

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