Golem - heavy missile launcher bonus

I just tested out GOLEM with heavy missile launchers.

Bonus from the golem:
100% bonus to Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo damage.

So it gets 100% bonus to heavy missile damage, but when i use bastion mode, RoF doesn’t apply to Heavy Missile launchers.

From bastion module information:

|Missile Velocity Bonus|25 %|
|Missile Rate of Fire Bonus|-50 %|

While range increases from 47km to 59km on Nova Fury Heavy Missile, rate of fire does not when using bastion module.

Is this a bug or intended change ?

Was already asked here: Bastion module and heavy missile launchers - Issues, Workarounds & Localization / General Issues - EVE Online Forums

TLDR: Bonus only applies to Battleship sized weapons. So RoF Bonus for Rapid Heavy Launchers should work

RoF for Rapid Heavy Launchers still does not work, as both are the same class, only more powergrid is required.

I already tested both , normal cruiser sized heavy launchers and battleship sized heavy launchers, both apply only range bonus from bastion but not Rate Of Fire.

If range from bastion applies to all kinds of missiles, RoF should also apply.

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