Bastion modules

Ive been reading the description and attributes for the beloved Bastion Module I
and nothing in the module information suggests that the affects only apply to battleship sized weapons
However loading up HAMs, RLMLs, and Rockets on a golem with bastion provides no additional benefit.

was that intended?

I personally would love a little more room for creativity
(yes even with the lack of a ship bonus for smaller weapon systems)

Golem has 100% damage bonus for only three specific weapon systems, Heavy Missiles, Cruise Missiles, and Torpedoes. Fitting any other weapon system would mean you would be down to 4 launcher modules instead of 8, bastion or not. This is not a bonus that you could hope to compensate for with some other mechanics. Using 4 HAM will never be able to compete with 8 HM no matter what you try to do for example, all other things being equal (skills/implants etc).


Yeah. Ships all have designs that put them in a specific use and methodology. If you want to do something else, use a different ship.

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That’s a sin against nature my eyes!

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Yeah. Ya might as well put rockets and armor on a Cyclone.

Are you sure about bastion giving a damage bonus to HM’s? I had heard that it didn’t apply to them, and pyfa shows no change.

I’ll tell you if you buy me a Vargur.

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