Remove bastion module and replace it with variants

Currently the Bastion module is helping most of the marauders much more than the cruise missile golem is being helped as far as damage application goes.

Reason: Turrets gain optimal and falloff benefits at +25% each which helps them apply more damage in almost all combat ranges at which they typically fight. The cruise missile golem does not gain any significant damage application bonus in ranges that the cruise missile golem typically conducts combat ( 0km to about 100km) except perhaps saving an occasional volley if you’re not ‘counting’ your volley damage.

Suggestion: remove existing bastion module I and replace with variants as follows:

  1. Optimal range variant (+25% optimal, loses +25 falloff bonus)
  2. Falloff range variant (+25% falloff, loses +25 optimal bonus)
  3. Missile velocity variant (+25% missile velocity, nothing lost because this is the current benefit)
  4. Missile explosion velocity variant (+25% missile explosion velocity, losses +25% missile velocity)
  5. Missile explosion radius variant (+25% explosion radius bonus, loses +25% missile velocity)

I understand that CCP decided ‘range is good for all marauders’ but it isn’t really working that way in actual practice as i mentioned.

(the turret variants have had either falloff or optimal removed since having two damage application benefits from one module isn’t really a good idea to begin with, even if those benefits are nominal in value).

(the benefit for missile pilots as far as +25% ExpV or the +25% ExpR variants go may have to be adjusted and i have no way to know if this is true, CCP would have to analyze the changes to determine if +25% is about right, underpowered or overpowered).

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