Battleship-Class Fighter Platforms

Has anyone considered Battleship-class ships that could deploy a single wing of fighters? Their drawbacks would be that they couldn’t fit any or very many weapons/high-slots…?

Why not just fly a Rattlesnake? It’s basically the same thing as what you are asking for if you fit it with a Gecko.

I’ve heard that. Because that’s one ship, I’m talking about a new ship-class.

I’m not looking for it just for me, I’m looking for it for ‘interesting.’

It would effect the cost of fighters, it might make the more expensive, it might make them cheaper.

It could be a way for people to skill into carriers, get the fighter skills to start.

There’s a few reasons.

Why do we need a whole new ship class for it?

If you have nothing more than just “interesting” it’s a sign that the idea is a bad one, just fyi.


How is ‘interesting’ a bad idea? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t play video games because they’re dull or boring.

It means that idea serves no purpose and is usually very poorly thought out. At best it’s a showerthought, at worst, it’s just a complaint for CCP to make the poster’s personal gameplay easier with less effort.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with the discussion. Are you suggesting that you’ve learned and mastered everything about EVE Online that it’s gotten to the point that it is “dull or boring” to you, and that’s the reason why we should introduce this new ship class?

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I’ll admit it’s just a thought, but why do I need to fill in all the details and completely design it for them?

I like shaking things up, especially when they’re boring.

You don’t have to master everything for something to be boring.

I mean, why do I have to master mining to know its boring?

Do I have to be a master freighter pilot to know that’s not something I enjoy?

I have to be able to run top level missions to know that I find mission running dull?


By the way, the way I said, “Has anyone considered…” is a sign that I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought, but I still think it’s a fun idea to contemplate and possibly hash out, and maybe make the game more interesting.

But apparently I have to have a doctorate in game design, write up a 100,000+ page proposal, and do market research studies to bring up a topic of discussion on this forum, huh?

So you’re saying that EVE is boring, and thus needs this new ship class to “shake things up”? How is it going to “shake things up” then?

Stop being personally triggered and offended for a moment and why don’t you read what I asked.

“and that’s the reason why we should introduce this new ship class?”

You gave the readers in the thread zero reason why we should introduce this new ship class. You responded “shake things up” but never actually explained what that means or what the goal is.

Shake up what? Solo? Small gang? Fleet? PvE? Mission running? How exactly is this battleship going to “shake things up”?

I asked if anyone’s thought of it, and you come along and basically say, “HOW DARE YOU ASK THAT!”

No, I said “just fly a Rattlesnake” because it would be exactly what you’re asking for.

And I said, that’s not what I’m looking for.

Do we have to go around and around again? I’d like to have a real discussion of this idea, instead of someone saying, “You’re stupid for thinking and asking questions for discussion!”

From my point of view you’re being toxic.

Good thing because I haven’t said that. You just took personal offense for some reason when I asked you to explain what you mean by “shake things up”.

I don’t really care?

Please answer the question. What is it that you’re trying to “shake up” with this single-fighter battleship?

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These are all toxic and trolling comments.

Well, the first one’s only toxic when you follow up with your second one. But still.

Ok, so it looks like you’re dead set on being personally offended and triggered for some reason and are refusing to answer the question “what are you trying to ‘shake up’ with this new ship class?”.

I’m gonna stop wasting my time and leave you to be offended. Have a nice day, kid.


How about we discuss how such a ship might work, what advantages you think it might bring to the game. What disadvantages. How you think such a ship might function, or such. …?

How about you add something constructive to the conversation, instead of giving reasons why you think we shouldn’t have the conversation.

It would have been different if you had said something like, “I think they’ll break the game because…”

Even though, we haven’t hashed out functionality ideas yet exactly. I mean, I gave my idea of little to no high slots, but that’s kind of obvious and maybe not the best way to go. But at least that would be adding to the conversation instead of BASICALLY saying, “Fly a Rattlesnake and shut up!”

Do you know why the Rattlesnake performs the way it does? Because that is the purpose of that specific ship. They had an idea, and they implemented it, for a single ship. They aren’t going to make an entire class of ship that does the same thing, when they can make one ship and call it a day. The devs are lazy as hell.

So if there was going to be any kind of Fighter deploying BS, it would probably be a one-off. That way they can test it, see how it goes, and delete it if they don’t like it. But again, they’re super lazy, so they probably won’t even do that much. They will do as @Scoots_Choco has done, and tell you to just go fly a Rattler.

“It would be interesting” is indeed a piss poor reason for any idea around here. It’s the go-to justification for the desperate, the clueless, and the trolls.