Bawsdeep Recruiting Corporations - USTZ/EUTZ

BawsDeep is a new alliance based in Insmother looking to grow in the newly open southeast. We are looking for Corporations who are looking to join a growing,Independent alliance with a focus on PVP content above all. Sick of being blue to half the galaxy or same old leadership making the same old decisions in null sec then ceo’s you know what you need to do reach out and lets talk. eve is getting on abit now do you want to stay stale or have the chance to build something new and exciting and a chance to write a new history in the south…

If all of this is sounding an awful lot like your group, here is what we have to offer:

Frequent Alliance fleets

Black ops whaling

high end Moons open to all members of the alliance

Upgraded space for ratting

Industry structures for manufacturing and reactions

growing null market

What we require:

Active Fleet attendance

Working knowledge of Discord and mumble

The ability to be self sufficient

A hunger for PvP, win or lose

PVP / indy corps welcome

Contact jin lee1 in game or discord Jin lee1#8605

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