Two veterans returning (AUTZ)

Hi All!

Two returning Aussie vets starting fresh to challenge ourselves, currently living in high-sec with the ultimate goal of getting back into nul-sec!

Looking for a friendly and active clan in our time zone to kick around with.

Hi Xzali, please accept an invite to our discord where we would be most happy to clarify any information.

However, meanwhile, I’m happy to inform you we are an active group of players who are the founding corp for the small but growing Baws Deep alliance in Insmother, null sec. Although TZ is not really an issue because we have players from all over the world we specifically have a growing group of Aussies including QLD, Melb and W.A.) as well as a growing number of West Coast U.S. amongst our other regular TZs. Additionally, we even host people from Indonesia!

We are a chilled but active group who believe that real life must come first.

Our focus is growing up a welcoming and friendly community that will support and enhance the experience of its members. We have a mature and relaxed environment and are looking for pilots who will fit into our corporation and form new friendships.

As a corporation we are established and have an ambitious set of goals to achieve so by joining now you will be a part of challenging and rewarding gameplay focused on teamwork

please also see our forum post for further reading

REPZ is an industrial corp looking for pilots to join us in null - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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