Be able to drag Decorations into chat

I recently got a decoration from the recent union day event, and was asking what it was. when i realized you cant drag it into chat to show it off.

My suggestion is being able to drag it like other things (killmails, names, etc)

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Unless something changed at ccp decorations are handed out by your Corp. They’re also do old ccp can’t realistically give them out anymore as the people who handled that left long ago. Odds are linking if not already avaliable would be to much effort to add.

@Lugh_Crow-Slave they literally handed medals out yesterday…

@Brandon_Plumicorn for now the best you can do is tell them to click your name and look up your decorations tab.

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Yep 100 makes sense, that’s the cap on how many they can batch build so all my points still stand.

Yeah this is what made me bring this up

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+1 i like the idea of being able to show off your decorations more

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I had the exact same problem. Great post.

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