All EVE NPC medals/decorations

From time to time I see NPC decorations on capsuleers. Definetely most notably FW medals.
However, I recently stumbled upon a guy with Mordu’s Legion issued decoration “Muriya’s Wings” (or something like that).
I have also seen some time ago a guy have another medal from some amarr NPC faction, no, it was not the Amarr Navy.
Can you guys list all medals issued by NPCs to your knowledge?
Furthermore, what was this battle of Caldari Prime about, thousands of people got that medal.

Sounds like they were lore related which means pretty old

Does CCP stil make them tho ?

Don’t think so.

Muryia’s Wings:


Here’s a link to a wiki article covering the Battle of Caldari Prime.

I don’t recall seeing a list of all medals issued to players on behalf by NPCs, but it’d be good to see one.

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