Award alliance-wide medals

Let us pay 1 or 2 bil to issue everyone active in the alliance a medal.

So we can give a campaign medal to everyone who participated in a war.

Also fleet-wide medals. Have it given to everyone in the current fleet.

These medals are a really cool way to remember and brag about past events. Its a shame they’re not used more often. I love the two i have, and these should be used more often.


100% for this concept. maybe not everyone who is active though, but some kind of system which would allow an alliance level medal for sure.

I am for opening up medals to people outside your corp however I think it should still be done on an individual bases just to limit the spam, both because the server has to track these things and because it would just be obnoxious.

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Well, I can’t speak to what kind of load it would put on the server, but I do know that it’s an incredible amount of work for larger organizations to issues medals. I wouldn’t even want to do it for a couple of hundred people, let alone a couple of thousand.

And yeah, I know they can frequently be little more than participation trophies, but I don’t blame organizations for using them to encourage participation.
No P2W

ours was a couple hundred so still not thousands, and it was just a matter of having multiple people handing them out not just one guy.

really I would like to see more styles added. the ones we have are pretty old and while it is very customizable after a while they start to all look the same.

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