FW medals for caldari

Where is my medal? I did a lot to capture all systems!


I think the last time medals should have been awarded, they are still waiting.

So, I expect it’ll be somewhere around the same time the vet station is released for decade old characters.

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There were medals given for the first capture of the warzone for every faction. None for the second time and there are no plans for medals beyond the first capture as far as I am aware. At least no other faction got them afaik.

Sorry but you´ll have to create your own.

The system is still marked as “lost” until downtime, it doesn’t actually change hands until after DT. So if there are going to be medals awarded, it would likely be after the next DT.

Beyond that, ask your CEO to make a medal. I made one for my corp.

I agree that there should be some kind of recognition from CCP, though. This is a monumental achievement that required tens if not hundreds of thousands of man-hours to accomplish, all of it involving real people putting in real time and real effort with permanent loss on the line. This is one of those events they write stories about.

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Kinda BS if true, tbh. The conquest of a warzone is a massive accomplishment and should be recognised ingame accordingly.

It is and I congratulate all involved. I didn´t mean to diminish the efforts. Its just that we had the same topic when the other factions took the warzone a second time.
We ended up creating our own medals and while I understand that its not the same you still did the deed and can be proud of it without recognition of CCP.


If they dont think its importent…what can i say then they need to make more youtube videos like “fly with us”, seems like they know what ppl need considering current online.

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The bots won the war.
Bots twisted all systems. Admins have not banned any bot.

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If its not “lore” written up in a book somewhere it didnt happen.

According to a wierd gathering of RPers, CCP and at least one gewn.


Here are your heroes:

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Right here:


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yeah but that bots didnt took Fliet, Ostingele, Iges, Agoze…we run fleets every day and spend a lot of time to win gals who contested us also every day…Mb you just dont know what was there? And bots are a problem of CCP, ask them why they dont deside it.

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Caldari got the medal after securing 100% occupancy (and maintaining it for months) under old mechanics, something that no other militia achieved if I recall correctly.

All militias have now done it under new (shitty Fozzie) mechanics so it would make sense to get Caldari medal for this new era too.

That likely would mean me and Diana Kim are only ones with both medals.

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I am so proud of the STATE for all the hard work and sacrifice to achieve this objective! Medal or not CAL MIL are all winners in my book!

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Having said that, after all these efforts I believe that all Caldari pilots deserve a distinction.

If not for a roleplayer like me I no longer see too much interest in this perpetual war .

Respect and long life to all our pilots who contributed to this victory !


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Some kind of official recognition from CCP would do wonders for our immersion. In-universe this is an absolutely monumental achievement, a glorious victory by the State and a crippling blow to the Federation. And yet there’s not even a news article on it. WTH?

Sound a bit salty there mate.
Caldari made great gains despite facing the brunt of the bots, beginning the momentum that rightly accelerated when the bots switched sides (which they are known to do roughly every 6 months).
If the Gallente had bothered to defend systems, go on roams, adapt their playstyle, recruit before they were down to their last handful of staging systems, perhaps you might have held out until the bots flipped again.
Unfortunately, they just don’t ‘play the game’ that way, and that’s to lowsec’s detriment. They would rather continue with highsec t2 production (stolen), manufacture (destroyed) and have fun in wormholes.
Norman is the only truly dedicated leader on the Gallente side.


Gallente narrative TL;DR: “We didn’t want that warzone anyway.”

It’s funny that i have to say that, but i disagree with the those “Norman drives GalMil” idea of CalMil.

I have only one character in Gallente Militia, i don’t have oplexing or deplexing alts, i don’t fly blingy multibillion ships and i just technically cannot capture systems, bash iHubs and fight CalMil fleets alone. That is all impossible by just having only me, and all achievements that CalMil attributes to just one person actually have nothing to do with Norman. That were the people who joined me, people who had to sacrifice their personal time in the effort to defend last GalMil systems, who unlike many others, did not give up fighting.

The thing that CalMil doesn’t seem to understand is that CalMil has luxury of random people joining their militia no matter how bad their situation is. Let alone if situation is good. When the warzone is flipping for CalMil there is no random folks coming out of nowhere to help GalMil, it’s always been our old-ass groups who awaken to face new challenges, but this time GalMil had only AIDER who have balls to stay in militia despite the circumstances. It’s silly saying that GalMil did nothing and it made them lost. GalMil consisted of one freaking group, before Average Pilots joined it, and AIDER had been recruiting constantly (Aideron hired about 50-70 new people since beginning of Summer). Kuruk had to run fleets in the middle of his night just to counter CalMil tz coverage.

I’m not looking for excuses, CalMil coordinated their people, it was joint effort and they made a great achievement, but saying that GalMil didn’t bother defending their systems? What the actual hell are you talking about? GalMil had never given up fighting, having only 2-3 FCs available who run regular fleets way beyond their normal hours for months. Having GalMil groups under this circumstances still giving a ■■■■ about FW is something you should appreciate instead of saying ■■■■ about.

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