Become an Accomplished Wormhole Dweller! Join Starseekers today! (C2>C3+HS)


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Starseekers is recruiting!
MOVE TO WORMHOLE SPACE! - Make yourself a fine ISK-maker and skilled PvPer!

Starseekers is a recently established wormhole corporation looking for players to increase our ranks! We live inside a wormhole and enjoy everything it has to offer in terms of content.

We have accomplished a lot in the first few months the corporation has existed, moving inside a wormhole, establishing a Killboard with decent ISK efficiency and contributing to the growth of our own members and alliance!

This corporation was made by new players and for new players, so everyone is learning together. Relatively new players with at least 1 million SP (exceptions possible) are welcome. Veterans will also find a great place for wormhole content and PvP gangs.

What we offer:

  • Newbro training;
  • Corp and Alliance run PVE OPS;
  • Great PVP, both defensive and offensive;
  • A C2 Pulsar wormhole with great PI;
  • A C3 static for site running, gas huffing, etc;
  • A HS static for quick and easy travel to trade hubs.

We are not timezone restricted and our members are from all around, which is great for maintaining wormhole activity! Recruits will need to have a microphone to use on voice comms and to provide Full APIs.

Our alliance has very experienced players who know all there is to know about living in wormholes. Alliance voice comms are provided on Discord and wormhole chain mapping is provided via Tripwire. Everything you will need to enjoy wormhole life can be taught to you by the corp and by the alliance!

To have a friendly conversation with us and/or begin your application, join our in-game channel “Starseekers Lounge” any time!

72m SP Returning to the Eve Needle
85M SP cap pilot + 45M SP alt looking for PVP corp
Newbro looking for a PvP Corp to grow with
Newbro Searching for a Corp
Hi! Looking for wormhole groups
New player lfc
No longer looking. Delete
(Space Rhoa) #2

Starseekers continues to seek adventurous wormhole explorers! Check us out at our public channel, Starseekers Lounge.

See you ingame!

New toon lf home
Returning Pilot looking for a new home
32M SP noob looking for corp (no longer looking)
(Moavi LeMar) #3

We’re still looking for you and for pilots that want to move in to a friendly WH environment, with loads of opportunities to learn and expand your EVE play style.

Returning Scrublord looking to bring down the average of USTZ PVP corp
Looking for Corp
Returning Noob - Looking for PvP - Ideally Null maybe WH
Newbie looking for Corp
Coming back to eve after a very long time. Looking for new/returning player friendly corp
Looking for a reason to come back! Can you give me one? 100% PVP - 40MIL SP Pilot
Noob player looking to be picked up
Old Player returning – I gave in to the CCP Email!
(Felix TheHouseCat) #4

Starseekers have open doors for you capsuleer, join us today on our epic quest for knowledge and power! :rocket::star2:

(Space Rhoa) #5

Our recruitment campaign has been very productive so far and many players new and veteran have joined the ranks of Starseekers and started exploring the depths of wormhole space! Our recruitment will continue to be open only for a limited amount of time though, so make sure you grab your spot!

Returning player looking for a home
(Moavi LeMar) #6

We’re still recruiting, join our ingame channel and be a part of the adventure!

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