Before you post, read this

  • Don’t ask questions already addressed in dev blogs
  • Don’t complain, if something is not to your liking, find a new game
  • Don’t discuss your bans or tickets here, no one cares
  • Don’t complain about stuff you can’t do since you joined the game too late
  • Don’t troll or make up stories about something that doesn’t exist
  • Don’t post if you joined after 2006, go to new player help forum
  • Don’t waste the time of the real players with your petty thoughts

Thank you and have a nice day.

You should take your own advice.


Yes, I have to answer all posts that severely disabled players ask. So it is easier to just tell them to stfu in one post.

And thank you for the quote, makes our lives easier.

This post needs to be pinned to the top

Seriously read this


Someone is a little triggered after getting called out, aren’t they?


Not really, it is just people like you who post meaningless garbage that clog up these forums.

Damn and i thought i was your first xD It all becomes clearer.

Well if you were my first I would have probably deepthroated you before you could have made any judgement

Make me

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Well damn what a responce.

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Methinks someone has started on the Christmas booze a little early.


Well if you insist; I grab you by the hips, fall to my knees, and drop your pants. I reveal your tiny hard on… laugh… and leave

Methinks you are right

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If I was as drunk as you Id be doing something far more energetic than you are.


Well sure, but I am in the middle of nowhere, nothing to do and bored as frack

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Fair dos

Please by all means continue :slight_smile:

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Well now I don’t feel like it

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