Beginner questions!

I have been hit by gankers a few times(mostly because my own
inattentivness and afk’ing in a venture). It may be a plague, but it’s not near as bad as people make it out to be.

Staying ahead of people that may be out to hurt you can be hard to under stand at the start, but can be easily done with a little research of the area you plan to move into. Eve.Dotlan has a history of all the ships lost in each system and who is doing it that way you can add them as a contact to easily see when they are in system, and maps to understand where your home fits in the world.

Learn your hot keys and how to use them. The S or D button is a one button start to warp, just select something on the overview and have it ready in case you need a “gtfo” kind of thing.


OK, thanks!

In terms of difficulty/learning curve, if you have played Elite: Dangerous, how do the two games compare?

Also, can you mine in HighSec and be relatively safe and profitable?

( i used to play elite dangerous) Well it takes much longer to do stuff in eve than in Elite, game is in a 3rd person camera, All you need to do to dock is click on the station and right click on the station and click “dock”, and it will dock you into the station with the next server tick.
You can also dock at a station by left clicking on it from the overview (the panel on the right side of your screen when you are in space), or just left click on the station when it is in view, and up at the top TOP right it should have a bar of actions you can do, one of those actions is a dock up button.

I personally haven’t mined in highsec, but i didn’t find it profitable. Because i live in Nullsec where the ore can sell for much more (from my knowledge atleast). Although unless you have a fleet of alts mining in Exhumers or a Rorqual/fleet of rorquals, it isnt that profitable and it is time consuming.
How i make my money is i kill pirates (rats) in nullsec in a VNI (Vexor Navy Issue, gallente cruiser). Where i live in new eden a fully fit VNI costs around 120 mill including the specific heavy drones to kill the rats in the area you live. I don’t know about how to rat in other places exept from in delve, But i personally rat in Blood Raider forsaken hubs.

Now instead of me giving you a massive wall of text, i recommend you go watch some youtube video’s of how to make money in eve. I would specifically search up for “Eve Online - How to rat in a VNI” and you should (hopefully) get lots of results.
I learned to play eve by watching metric craptons of youtube video’s on how to do it, and i got help from the corporation im in.

EDIT: Sorry if my post is a bit fragmented and hard to understand, im very tired :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s OK, thanks for the info! I am old and slow and doubt very much that I’ll be any good at ship combat. I think I would be best off doing a passive type of career and running from most fights!

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You might want to check out planetary interaction for passive income, or gas harvesting.
You need to learn evasive tactics to survive, you will be a target so learn to cloak, create bookmarks and always use d scan

OK, thanks again.

Does “rat hunting” mean killing NPC pirates? Is that generally a safer choice than hauling and mining, meaning fewer PKers will target you?

You know EvE is the game for the retired gamers? :wink: Seriously it is much less of an APM race than a game of strategic thinking and planning ahead.

Regarding the comparison to E:D, the most important difference is that EvE is a second life like simulation with real people driving the economy and situations. If you want to make profit with hauling, trading, mining you need to make it from/with other players and against competition like in RL economy. Interacting with NPCs and doing scripted things like missions is possible but not the most fun.

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  1. Keep these “8 Golden Rules” in mind and you gonna have fun: 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

OK, thanks guys! How does a miner or hauler survive against pirates?

Hauler: In highsec you won’t meet rats in a hauler if you’re vigilant, and even player “pirates” are rare for they will be shot by CONCORD when they attack you, but better be quick :slight_smile: .
As a highsec miner you just put 2 light drones (hobgoblins etc.) in your venture’s drone hold and learn how to handle them, so they will defend your mining ship against most rats in highsec ore belts. And keep in mind that a lost venture is no disaster, but just a minor calamity.

Ratting: It’s fun if you’re tired of mining, after the career agents you have got nice ships and an idea how to fit your ships to enjoy NPC fights.

Keep in mind: You and your toon are evolving. Your skills and knowledge grow, so does your ability to try new areas of the game. Have fun!

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In Highsec (i.e. 0.5 to 1.0 system security status), about the only thing you need is ‘situational awareness’. What I mean is, actually paying attention to the game and getting out of dodge when shady stuff starts going down in your neighborhood. This includes use of:

  1. assigned red/orange standings for the local player-pirates,
  2. prolific use of bookmarks, and
  3. continual monitoring of d-scan and the LOCAL chat channel (for intel)

In Lowsec (i.e. 0.1 to 0.4 system security status), it gets a little bit trickier. You certainly need sensitivity to ‘situational awareness’ to remain safe as above. But, new game mechanics come into play in Lowsec that require management to assure safety.

  1. ship agility
  2. recent in-space PvP activity (i.e. areas to avoid like gate- or smartbomb- camps)
  3. intel gathering for local player-pirate alt characters (to include killboard activity,

Also, its best to know right up front that most EVE players… certainly the one’s that you’re most concerned about, play this game from a PVP perspective. That means, using every in-game tool available at their disposal to blow you up.

Ship explosions really are nothing personal, so don’t take it as such. :wink:

:skull_and_crossbones: :dizzy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Welcome to the grinder @Mighty_Unclean

The best advice has been given already, ensure you do some learning both inside and outside of the game. There are loads of great tutorials and guides available.

Talk to people you see doing things you like the look of. Be it mining in fleets or chatting to people you see blowing up others.

Get in touch if you ever get stuck, i’m usually happy to reply to EvE-Mails containing beginner questions :smile:

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There is no place where you are 100% safe in New Eden. And there is rule number one:

Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose.

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I would add to the good guideline “Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose.” - “afford to lose” also means mentally / emotionally. Don’t get attached to your ship.


I mine in high sec, and I make plenty of cash to support support my alpha spaceship habit. Mining may be a little slow, it gives you time to do research.

My venture is more or less a scanning powerhouse while I’m just sitting in a belt just chewing on rocks. Passes the time, and good in a wormhole.

[Venture, adVenture Capital]
Mining Laser Upgrade II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender

Miner II
Miner II
Core Probe Launcher I, Sisters Core Scanner Probe

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I


Hauling is fairly straightforward, and you can use it to capitalise on other players laziness.

some Storyline missions are ‘Acquire xyz Ore’ … Many mission runners will buy that ore from you at that station for above average price (means they don’t have to A: Mine it themselves or B: ship it in themselves)

npc agents also offer haulage missions that you can do

read contracts VERY, VERY, VERY carefully
check and confirm EVERY detail
go for a coffee/cigarette
then reread the contract
now click accept if it all still looks doable

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Looks interesting, but what do you use the information for? Wormhole Bookmarks? You can’t finish sites (data, relic, combat) with your ship, or do you have 2 light monster drones in hold? :wink:

Yes I forgot, 2 light drones for defense from rat that pop in from time to time when mining. The drones won’t be strong enough for anything much bigger than high security rats.

I use the probe launcher for wormholes. If you go into a wormhole, almost everything has to be scanned down.

I mainly use the probe launcher while I’m mining and a anomaly pops up. I can scan it down without having to warp out and swap ships if it’s a site I don’t feel like messing with. I’m an alpha, if I can’t scan it down, then it’s very likely too much for me to start with.

OK guys, thanks a ton! I think it’s down to either ratting or mining. Ratting may be more fun for me, since it sounds like more interaction. So far, I have been doing the Military agent missions, but I’ve really just started.

What are bookmarks, and how do they save you?

Are miners much more likely to get ganked than ratters?

Is mining a very laid-back and relaxing playstyle, or do you have to keep so vigilant that you can’t relax?

Thanks again!

What are bookmarks, and how do they save you?

Bookmarks are position informations in space which you can use for navigation. E.g. to find a wormhole (wh) you scanned down the other day, to find a site that you finished but want to return to for salvaging and looting or to set a safe spot in a system. You find them in the section “People & Places” on the left side (“NeoCom”) and can easily set them by pressing ctrl + b for the place you are right at this moment.

Are miners much more likely to get ganked than ratters?

Yes, because they don’t move and don’t shoot. But there are other parameters like which system you’re in, what time of day/week and so on. You’re never safe, but you should not be too afraid. Even if you lose a venture every 20 mining runs (which would be quite often) you would’ve earned enough for dozens of new ventures. But you learn to read the signs.

Is mining a very laid-back and relaxing playstyle, or do you have to keep so vigilant that you can’t relax?

Ask different miners and you will get different answers. You can relax (some say it’s boring), but if you leave the keyboard, you may lose your ship because you can’t react quickly. If you are cool about that, mining can be very relaxing, doing the laundry or watching tv parallely is quite popular. Some do ship fitting or skill queue plans, others market research, and keep an ear for rats or strangers popping in. And some try to find out to mine which asteroids in which order for an optimal result. Remember it’s a game with the aim to have fun :slight_smile:

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That’s true, I forgot ships warping in make a very distinct sound. Listen for it when mining or relaxing.

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