Beginners Guide to Piracy 2.1: still relevant?

Hi everyone, I am new here.
I would like to ask if this guide is still relevant nowadays.

12 year old guide… possibly… maybe especially since its supposed to be a beginner guide… though keep in mind a lot has changed in regards to skills/mod names attributes of mods etc.

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Brief glance through:
It describes exactly how I learned to pirate, and still pirate now, so I’d say it’s still relevant.

I’m an old school pirate though… this becomes evident when you read

a Pirate is a pilot who hunts (and/or camps for) other pilots in low-security (0.4 or below) space, then attacks them for fun and/or profit.

Nowadays I see several different, and contradictory, definitions flying about:

  • killing ratters is piracy
  • killing ratters is ganking
  • killing ratters in high sec is ganking, killing ratters in low/null/wh is piracy (definition in guide)
  • killing ratters in high sec is ganking/piracy (seen here as equivalent), killing anyone outside of high sec is business as usual and not piracy related (this views usually expressed by people who have never left high sec)
  • ransoming players is piracy (any sec, if honoured), killing them is ganking
  • any pvp regardless of sec is ganking, not piracy. (pirates are here seen as some honourable non-existent entity who would abide by a player’s desire not to be pirated)
  • pirates don’t exist – there are only gankers and pvp-ers, depending on the target’s desire to be shot at

The fitting advice, ships to train for, basically anything specific and technical is completely out of date. The philosophical stuff is still good. This is only about one specific type of piracy though. There are other possibilities too if a life of imaginary spaceship crime appeals to you.

I’ve written several piracy guides myself. This is the least out of date one -

I’ll revise and update it soon, I promise.


The Yarr is strong in this thread.

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