Arrrr matey, CCP is killing the Pirate life

The pirate life is a poor one, far from the blingy ships of the carebears or the null sanctum ratters who now work mostly risk-free. Yes, it was rare for a pirate to actually make a treasure while pvping, but it was possible. People hauling GTC, people moving stuff from null to HS to sell, people coming out of Abyssals with their blingy ships with suspect tags. Yes, this was the allure of pvp. If you were persistent for long enough, eventually you’d catch a whale. And oh, what a glorious adrenaline rush that was.

But with the introduction of interdiction nullifiers for half the ships, no suspect flags for abyssals, instant/non local use of skill injectors and plex, nerfing suicide ganking and gate camping mechanics, EvE is now one of the safer games that you can play. Heck, I remember in Star Wars Galaxies, your jedi would lose WEEKs worth of experience and work if you got killed once. But the penalties for “pveing safely” in EvE have been removed.

CCP now bows to the carebears, bows to the null ratters who own giant swaths of space equal to like 1/4 of the entire map. They cry ‘We’ll Unsubscribe unless you let us amass fortunes with virtually no risk!’ and CCP obliges them because they’re afraid of alienating that player base.

Now you might say “But Omniwing-kun, there’s lots and lots of blingy ships blown up everyday! Just look at that awful killboard zebsite” Yes that is true. But the vast majority of those people WANT to pvp, they’re the small percentage of those null ratters who actually spend their isk on blingy pvp fits. But that is not the point.

Pirating isn’t pvping’ other pvpers. Pirating is pvpinig people that are trying to PVE, and taking their stuff. The higher reward/loot of the PVE, the bigger the risk should be - but not just risk that ‘oh, I’ll die in an abyssal and I’ll lose my pod’, but risk of ‘gee, if I transport 2b isk worth of loot from null to HS, there’s like a 20% chance I can lose it, even if I’m careful’. Now if THAT were the case, there would actually be gatecamps again. But at this point, it’s really not worth it. You can transport stuff from null to Jita at like 99.9% safety, as long as you’re not being lazy and doing everything you should.

This, coupled with making PVE mind-numblingly boring on purpose, is driving CCP’s new business model, which is "Spend real life money on plex, buy expensive pvp ships, skin them, and then blow them up on each other’. They don’t want you making good isk in the game and they certainly don’t want you making isk by taking other people’s stuff anymore.

tl;dr turn back on suspect timers for Abyssal runners


Who promised you riches?

Everyone out and about in eve has to work harder to turn some isk, CCP Rattani is only the fall guy, if you don’t realize it yet I will just place this on the platter…a subscription is not enough, if you want to have things now you pay for plex to buy what you need, farm eve players for all you can is the new eve way.

recent changes says otherwise

ships blowing is the reward itself

what nerfs to ganking?

nullsec pve got major nerfs recently, like ess and ore belts removal/ore nerds.

working as intended . reward effort and punish laziness.

Pirates!, Never used to whine about how hard it was to kill anything, they took there time and found the chink in your armor, and took your ass out, and didn’t get all emo about it , because they were PIRATES. If you “Claim” to be a Pirate, and you find your self complaining about anything your target did, then your NOT a Pirate, You are a “LowBear”.

I enjoy that low sec has its “special” breed of eve pilot, the one who learns his/her ship, and the weapons it can fit, as well as the ships and fits that other pilots use for specific reasons. If you think your all that, go to Low Sec, after you browse the Killboards, and find a competent pilot who dwells only in low, Call them out in local try and make there game play interesting : ) See if you enjoy your session. If you do move to low, we will be happy to have more quality in the these spaces.

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Did anyone else read this entire post with a pirate accent in their head?

Anyway don’t worry matey, from one scalawag to another, piracy is alive and well. You won’t make a fortune but it beats PvEing.

I do agree with you about abyssals, though. Jump freighters, citadel spam and Local intel networks make piracy harder than ever, but there are still ways to make it work.

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PvP where all parties involved actively want to PvP sounds like a good idea. There should be more of that.

i spend some time with highsec piracy and earned lots of iskies. Lowsec on the other hand… it’s for fun and giggles and blowing up said iskies.

Yarrr, I feel ya, matey.

Them thar new low sec gas sites have attracted a new breed of prey. Prospects and Ventures drop semi-precious gas and harvesters. You can make an honest living plundering these hapless ships in a cloaky pirate Prospect, yarrr.

It’s a start, but not yet the level of killing FW mission bombers in the good old times.

OP has some valid points. I live in NPC Null and would have to haul past a (lazy) gatecamp daily. Sometimes they would make an extra effort & make you work (multiple cloaky bubblers), while they never got me (thanks to scouting and paranoia) they often came very close.

Now with Nullification changes, tactical bookmarks & a scout, my Viator is basically uncatchable unless I make a terribly stupid mistake. Why the hell should I be able to do that? That’s not really the EVE I signed up for, and without the danger & stress associated with hauling billions through null, I got no desire to continue doing it.


It is pretty much the ultimate goal of the game but it’s not the reward. Blowing up an expensive ship certainly boosts your ego and pvp reputation. But when you hunt blingy rattlesnakes in your high-grade-crystal-sleipnir it is more like a duel between nobility. If the loot fairy’s kind to you, maybe you’ll get a 200-mil mod or two, which is certainly nice, but not even close to overall stakes of a fight like this.
Hunting defenseless haulers with billions-worth cargoholds in a cheap cruiser and occasionally ransomming them rather than killing - that’s the motivation for being a pirate. And yea, it has certainly become harder to do lately.

think ccp could learn a lot from discovery freelancer mate. that was a good pirate life…

There is something I used to do with a very cool group.
That is called whaling.
Now whaling we used our Null Sec static and went for xXx Dank Frags 420 xXx.
Rorqs, Ratting Carriers the occassional super.

The Alliance used the loot to fund doctrine ships for people that couldnt afford them.

Then the Panic Button came
Then intel bots started popping up

As you mentioned. The “pirate” life was already a hard one.
Fighting on enemy turf, mostly outnumbered when there was a response.
Overall no problem. We choose this playstyle.

The issue is the whale protection program aka. the CSM.


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