Being able to change Bloodlines since they are just cosmetic now anyway, so why not?


To start, i’m a biig fan of cosmetics and character customization from the ship to the capsuleer inside the ship, why not allow the ability to atleast change bloodline and then later possibly even race? To me it matters cause my main is pretty old now I had no idea how different bloodlines are from each other and I figure why not? in order to get what I want i’d need roughly 150 skill extractors, i’d loose tons of skins because they are character only and not account wide, to me the problem is using 1 character all the time/memories/experiences are on 1 character like, it’s sentimental and if I use another character, it’s not the same as using my main

I’d understand if it was a MMO aspect, bloodlines used to mean something but now it’s strictly vanity so why not allow something that’s strictly vanity to be modified with lets say a Resculpt? It shouldn’t be thaaat difficult and it would just make sense and just allow more bang for my buck if I so choose! limited time offer once in a while? who knows i’d sure spend whatever it costs in a heartbeat! Maybe 1 once in a while? who knows! \o/

I’m sure i’m not the only one in this predicament and would love to hear thoughts and opinions about the matter, just quickly I know it’s not the biggest thing and to a lot of people portraits don’t matter but to me it does, always has and will ^.^ I think everyone get’s the point i’m trying to make, I just feel it would make a wonderful addition to customization where you can change a little more than you can now by adding the ability to change bloodlines in whatever race you selected if you so desired, I just don’t see why that’s not a good idea to do and would love some thoughts about the idea


it would be cool

That makes no sense. It’s literally like changing your biological parents. Actually it’s exactly that.

In a setting where people are literally revived in clones after dying, I could see this.

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