Bloodline Cosmetics Questions

Ahoy! I’m trying to put together a list of potential cosmetic and lore/fluffy items that people would like to see in game (or not).
I’ve always been passionate about seeing more detailed faction background material/clothing etc and CCP putting together some sort of Bloodline Packs for Plex is one of the only sensible options I could think of for monetizing the concept. And so:

1: What cosmetics/lore fluffy items would you want to see from your favorite #EveOnline Bloodline?

2: What of this type of thing would you not want to see from your favorite Faction?

Bring back long hair for Intaki male characters.

Clothing should be cross compatible between races/bloodlines.

There was talk years ago about mixed heritage for characters. Could be a toggle for options and would require a resculpt for existing characters.

And most importantly of all, cat ears. (No, I wouldn’t wear them myself, but I know people who would).

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