Besides skills, what is time gated?

For example, I’m trying to focus skill points on Social since it looks like the earlier I get those skills the larger the payback over time.

Is there anything else that is time gated, or that should be done early on?

Trust can and should be time gated if you join a corp. It is a good idea to figure out the social aspect of the game sooner than later. You learn a lot from flying with people who know more than you do.

Experienced players can be very paranoid about who they fly with. I doubt many people will hold your new player corp experience against you, but some people will hold your history against you after you move out of high sec. Ideally, you want find people who can explain the ramifications of all of this to you so you can quickly have a fun and productive time playing EVE.

Regarding skills, note that people tend to prefer to have focused alts. For example, this toon is a Gila pilot. Social skills are useless if you never deal with agents. If you want a toon for running security missions, then figure out your end game ship and the support skills (like social) you need. Then train towards that focused alt.

Fly safe or dangerously, whichever you prefer! o7

Reputation. You can buy isk and buy SP. But you can’t buy other people trust.


Knowledge and understanding.

Skills training easy … and fast … dont even think or bother yourself with it…

It is easy and as long as push the train button it will run itself

IMO focus on the core/intrinsic skills and later on ship specific skills.

Skills like CPU and power grid control, targeting, gunnery, scanning, shields and armor bonuses, accounting (helps reduce sales tax, more isk in your pocket), biology (makes accelerators and synths last much longer) etc. These are all skills that help no matter what ship type (more or less) you fly.

Better to wait a bit and fly with level 4 or 5 skills than jump in with only level 1 or 2 skills.

ps- To have multiple toons each specialized requires paying for multiple Omega accounts. Good for CCP but do you want to pay for 2-3-4 accounts?

Well the one obvious answer is Omega. IF you think you are going to subscribe then then each day that you put it off is a day you could have been training twice as fast.



Skillpoints are not time gated (anymore), but experience, knowledge and RL skill are. Trust and reputation of course as already mentioned above. Not much different to RL.

I did already start out with Omega. As for the reputation, is there somewhere that I would eventually need to grind reputation at so I might as well be doing missions in that system early on?

You mean standing? Yes, flying missions give this. With reputation I mean towards other players.

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You misunderstand, We are talking your rep as a player, what you do, who you are follows you.


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Yes, I did misunderstand. The entire concept of caring about what anyone thinks in an MMO is a pretty new one to me, haven’t experienced that since EQ days 20 years ago.

That’s what separates eve from other mmos. Mike has a reputation for representing new players as the csm badge that he has. He also visits each starter system to give new players free ships.

It’s that kind of reputation that earned him respect from a lot of ppl

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