Best faction/navy battleship for lvl 4 missions?

Which gun battleship would be best besides the Machariel? I currently use the Rattlesnake with cruise missiles and sentry drones but i wanna fit a gun ship to run them in to have alittle fun.
I made a fit for a Vindicator and a navy issue Megathron earlier that are both cap stable with the MWD turned off but the range on blasters is only like 35km with null and 12km with void.

Best for what? Blitzing? full clear?

Any of faction BS can run lvl4’s. If you are looking for fun, just take one that looks best for you.

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full clear but fast

CN Raven or RF Tempest. The IN Apoc is sadly damage type locked, which makes it a bad choice against Guristas missions and anything Angel, ie. missions from Minmatar agents. The Raven and Tempest give you total damage type freedom and a very vide range spectrum.

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The Machariel is significantly ahead of the game in that regard.

It moves fast and hits hard with good range. With selectable damage types to boot so you can always hit the rats resist hole.

Nightmare may be a decent 2nd if you don’t mind being stuck with em/therm damage. Or consider the Vargur.

thanks guys for help

Had a lot of success with a beam fitted Large Micro Jump Drive fitted Navy Apocalypse.

i did lvl 4 mission with a Domi Navy … not that fast but lazy work … most time semi afk …


I did them with an ordinary Domi -as you say, slow and lazy (the way I like it :-))


These two things are mutually exclusive.

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