Best Introductory Ship for Solo Cloaky WH Hunting

I previously lived in a WH so am fairly proficient with scanning and wormhole mechanics. I previously only dabbled in solo cloaky hunting (with a stealth bomber mostly), however I’m now interested in engaging in that aspect of the game in a more serious way and would like to get some input on the best ships to start out in.

As I see it, my choices are going back to a bomber, an Astero, a Stratios or a T3C (though I can only currently fly a Tengu). I have the support skills to fly all of them reasonably well. The bomber or Astero seem like the best way to ease in to cloaky WH hunting, but they have a severely limited engagement profile - mostly just Indys, barges and explorers. The Stratios and T3C give me a much larger engagement profile but at much greater risk.

  1. As a low risk option, would people recommend a bomber or Astero?
  2. Is a Stratios (or even a T3C) worth considering for my initial forays?

Input appreciated.

Forget solo SB for wormholes.
Any ship doing combat anomalies can rip a lone SB a new one.
Any data/relic scanner will warp out before you lock on.
That leaves miners… for whom you are better off with an inty.
I’d go with a stratios, most WHolers fly cruisers and up which leaves astero in a bad position.

Stratios or T3c just depends on what your willing to lose to gain experience.

A Pilgrim works rather well also…

Thanks for the input. I’m thinking more and more that I’m going to use a stealth bomber to get my feet wet and then move into a Stratios once I’m comfortable. I know the Strat is the most versatile choice, but it seems more prudent to get some hunting experience in cheaper fits before graduating to it. Every time I’ve rushed the learning curve in the past, I’ve come to regret it.

A recon ship is an interesting idea though. I’ve never flown one and would need a few days to skill into it, but I might take a closer look at that later

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