Stratios and WH

I have been using an Astero for a while now and was thinking of moving up to a Stratios. I know WH have size limits: “Only the smallest ships can pass through this wormhole”. Which I read is only frigates and destroyers. If I am reading correctly Stratios is a cruiser.
So if I take a Stratios into J space, there will be some WH I can not jump through, correct? I was a bit surprised by this limitation, thought Stratios was a good exploration ship.

Yes that is true, however it is only the random frigate only wormholes.

Stratios is a good exploration ship.

I would avoid the stratios unless ur purposefully going to hunt others. Its big, aligns and warps slow. hacking is a lot easier and fast in an astero/covertops/exploroceptor. But its a somewhat scary ship that others wont want to try fight if they are also exploring (looking at u Mr Astero).

As for the WH size limits, small wormholes are generally to and from Null sec, or a C13 wormhole, and u dont really care about those much if ur in a stratios.

The frigate WH. Yeah it only allow Frigate, destroyer, or HIC. Other cruiser will be too big for it.

Oh yeah, its doesnt mean there is C13 on the other side of that frigate WH. It could be normal Jspace. And if its C13, the ship you want to moving up to are Confessor.

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yea. If u find any C13 lettme know Im looking to buy them :smiley:

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